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Every year, REACh announces up to six "Carolyn Cooney REACh Your Goals" $2000 scholarships for the following academic year.

This program is designed to assist the growing number of adult learners, like you, who are returning to college.

REACh scholarships may be used towards the cost of attendance at your institution as determined by the financial aid department.

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About REACh

REACh is a not-for-profit consortium of educational, civic, and corporate organizations.  REACh was organized as a collaborative effort to provide adults easier access to information about educational and financial aid opportunities.

Our members include academic institutions representing undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, technical, online, and vocational programs as well as financial institutions, and civic minded corporations. The association was formally incorporated in 1988 and has grown to include approximately 50 member institutions throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area.


Let REACh work with you to plan an education fair for your employees at no cost. REACh helps you coordinate the event from start to finish and will come to your company's site. This is a great opportunity for companies that provide tuition reimbursement. You can combine this with your company's Benefits Fair, or have it separately. The choice is up to you!
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